PositionNameSchoolTimeDistance% of Gold Medal
1Erin Temple Thorp Academy 3:00.00775m103.3
2Freya Robinson Valley Gardens Middle School 3:00.00770m102.7
3Ella Shaw St. Leonards School 3:00.00759m101.2
4Ellie Harris Fyndoune Community College 3:00.00754m100.5
5Katie Chomse Corbridge Middle School 3:00.00741m98.8
6Nicole Jewitt Emmanuel College 3:00.00719m95.9
7Holly Cockroft The Academy at Shotton Hall 3:00.00714m95.2
8Charlotte Devitt Valley Gardens Middle School 3:00.00706m94.1
9Emily Ormston Dr Tomlinson C Of E 3:00.00701m93.5
10Jessica Gardener Dr Tomlinson C Of E 3:00.00698m93.1

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