PositionNameSchoolTimeDistance% of Gold Medal
1Jaden Head Harewood College 3:00.00838m103.5
2Raul-Cristian Mladin Harewood College 3:00.00798m98.5
2Alex Butnariu Harewood College 3:00.00798m98.5
4Harrison Sadd The Purbeck School 3:00.00796m98.3
5Archie Friend Shaftesbury School 3:00.00791m97.7
6Dean Gregory-Smith Lockyers Middle School 3:00.00763m94.2
7Tom Munns The Purbeck School 3:00.00762m94.1
7Andrew Eary St Michaels Middle School 3:00.00762m94.1
9Felix Bruce Harewood College 3:00.00761m94
10Henry Crocombe Lockyers Middle School 3:00.00752m92.8

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